It's no secret that young people skew liberal: You've seen the bright blue map of America that asks "what would the election look like if only people 18-29 voted." Here in the left-leaning Bay Area, youth are likely to be even more liberal than their counterparts elsewhere, and as such, many high school students from San Francisco and other Bay Area cities — most of them below voting age — are registering their voices today with student walk-outs. Update: There are now thousands of students in the Civic Center area and on Market Street.

East Bay students from several schools including Berkeley High mounted similar protests yesterday, acts intended to signal their concern and anger at the election of a president who has repeatedly vowed to deport undocumented immigrants, bar religious groups from entering the country or force them to leave, and more.

Further, for many female students, the election of Donald Trump, a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting women and been accused of sexual assault, rather than the election of his opponent — Hillary Clinton, the first woman presidential nominee from a major political party — is another stinging form of rebuke.

Suzanne Shimek, a teacher at Lick-Wilmerding High School, wrote to SFist to say that her students have plans to leave classes and march to City Hall this morning, where they will meet with other high school student protesters. "The students — and especially the girls — were so upset yesterday that we spent hours meeting and talking about our dismay, outrage, fear, depression, confusion, plans for action," Shimek wrote.

As one of her students put it to her, "[A] lot of the responsibility to enact change has fallen on our generation and the more we do sooner the more likely we will be to succeed."

KRON 4 reports that other schools are engaging in walk outs today: Those include Napa High, several schools in Hayward, Pittsburg High School, and others.

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