Not waiting for anyone's marching orders, many East Bay residents began protesting the election of Donald Trump virtually right away, with others including high schoolers taking today to leave their classrooms in unison, registering their anger and disappointment with a walkout. KQED reports that about 1,500 Berkeley High School students staged the protest, leaving their classes at about 8:20 a.m.

“The district prefers that its students are in class and participating,” District spokesman Charles Burress, who estimated that about half of the school's students participated in the walkout, told KQED. “However, we do understand their concern and we take it very seriously when they feel passionate about political issues. We’re doing everything we can to support them.”

A 17-year-old Berkeley junior, Jeffrey Blair, told the Chronicle that, "We’re sending a message that this is not a man we want in the White House," adding "The only thing he stands for is bigoted ideas and hate.”

The high schoolers marched to UC Berkeley's campus, where they marched, congregated, and were joined by Cal students. As Berkeley High School principal Sam Pasarow told the Chron, “This is a really intense learning experience for the students.” He might not stop them even if he could, Pasarow said.

Protests were also held at Oakland Technical and Albany High School.

There was also action in San Leandro:

The East Bay Times took in the scene last night in Oakland, where hundreds were on the streets as well. There was one reported injury when a pedestrian was hit by a car on Highway 24. That occurred at around 12:20 a.m. according to a CHP official, and the Chronicle writes that the victim was a 20-year-old-woman who was seriously injured when hit by an SUV. She was among about 200 people who took to the highway in an attempt to block it.

Here in San Francisco last night, some congregated on Market Street as the results came in. Demonstrations are set to occur in earnest there again tonight. The Golden Gate Xpress of SF State adds that students there began rallying last night, with about 200 of them marching down 19th avenue. There's more to come.

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