Voters heading to the polls tomorrow face a lengthy ballot and a host of pressing choices on any number of important issues. Honestly, it's enough to stress out even the most mellow of us, which is perhaps why many in California have been keeping a close eye on Proposition 64 — the measure that would legalize recreational marijuana across the Golden State. With the Chronicle reporting that Prop 64 is likely to pass, many residents across the state are asking the same question: How soon, exactly, can we all legally light up and smoke the memory of the horrible 2016 campaign into a distant fog of a memory?

The answer, as we discussed over the weekend, is "almost immediately." SF Weekly reports that, in general, state propositions take effect right after the election. So as long as it's not a close vote — a result that could potentially delay a certification from the secretary of state (which is required for the results to become official) — residents of California (21 years or older!) will be legally allowed to posses up to an ounce of marijuana and smoke pot for recreational purposes starting at midnight on November 9. For those of you who don't have too early of a bed time, that translates to late tomorrow night.

Now, a few important notes. First, and as NORML informs us, recreational sales will have to wait until after January 1, 2018. Second, if the measure passes you are still technically not allowed to smoke pot in a public place — so hold off on those plans to spark something major in front of your local police station.

And if any of you are on the job hunt, take note of this major buzzkill courtesy of the Chronicle: Potential employers can still decline to hire you if you fail a drug test, and your current employer will still be able to fire you for testing positive for THC. Just because it's legal, doesn't mean employers want to employ stoners, and that's their prerogative.

Bummer, dude.

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