The Contra Costa County District Attorney today announced his intention to charge an 81-year-old retired Oakland police captain for crimes relating to the ongoing Celeste Guap sex scandal. The man's name has yet to be released, and KRON 4 reports that at present he is the only officer the DA intends to charge.

Celeste Guap is the name previously used by Jasmine Abuslin — the woman who alleges she had sex with dozens of police officers from around the Bay Area. She has previously alleged that some of those encounters occurred while she was underage. According to KTVU, the former captain will be charged with solicitation. A press release from the DA documenting the investigation says that the captain in question retired in 1996, and that when interviewed he admitted to paying Abuslin for sex in a hotel room.

This retired officer is likely the same one contacted by the East Bay Express during their investigative reporting in June who at the time said he had sex with Guap only after she turned 18, paying her $250 to meet him in a Richmond motel room. "Please don’t publish my name," he told the paper at the time. "I will die. I have a heart condition."

“It’s clear that several police officers had sexual relations with an admitted prostitute," explained DA Mark Peterson at this morning's press conference. "However, according to Ms. Abuslin’s [own statements] …all of her descriptions of her sexual interactions with law enforcement officers in Contra Costa County were not crimes.”

Meanwhile, the SFPD sent out a press release Friday following the announcement, noting that the department's Internal Affairs Criminal Division conducted its own investigation and that it has led to no charges against SFPD officers who were also implicated in the Guap scandal. "I take these allegations seriously,” said Interim SFPD Chief Toney Chaplin. “While we’ve completed a criminal investigation, we will continue to investigate and hold members accountable for any violations.”

In September, Abuslin's attorney filed a $66-million civil claim against the city of Oakland in preparation for a civil rights lawsuit.

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