Perhaps Hillary Clinton didn't hear the chorus of boos that greeted Mayor Ed Lee in May when he introduced her at a campaign event in San Francisco — his name is now reportedly being bandied about as her potential pick for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary or Education Secretary should she secure the presidency next week.

The Hill had the news in a long list of other high-profile suggestions put forward by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, and Congressional Black Caucus, sometimes referred to together as the Tri-Caucus. Clinton, the Hill writes, is "under enormous pressure to ensure racial diversity" on her cabinet, and Mayor Lee has consistently campaigned for her, rallying in Seattle in March and frequently tweeting out his support. In May, Clinton and Lee met for tea and talk of housing in San Francisco's Chinatown according the Chronicle.

Lee, the first Asian-American mayor of San Francisco, was born in Seattle to parents who emigrated from China's Guangdong Province. He arrived in the Bay Area in 1975 to attend Berkeley's law school and soon joined the Asian Law Caucus to work on housing issues. He put off taking the bar exam in order to lead San Francisco's first organized rent-strike in 1978, as the New York Times recalled.

In 2013, Lee's name was also floated in national political circles as a possible replacement for an outgoing US ambassador to China. Lee later said he had "no interest" in the job according to SFGate, but then again, he expressed similarly stated disinterest in running for mayor as you may recall, soooo....

If Lee were chosen to serve under Clinton and accepted the job, he'd leave the mayor's office sort of as he found it, when then-mayor Gavin Newsom resigned to become Lieutenant Governor, leading the Board of Supervisors to appoint interim Mayor Ed Lee.

Let the speculation begin... Mayor London Breed, anyone?

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