A company marketing "menstrual-proof" underwear — it's underwear that absorbs and wicks away moisture and is meant to back up and/or replace conventional menstrual pads — has a provocative ad campaign they're planning to post in a "station domination" campaign at both the Montgomery and 16th Street BART stations later this month. But one of the ads, referring to the product as "pussy-grabbing proof" was rejected by the transit agency for its language — though the company's CEO is pushing back in the Chronicle saying that it's Donald Trump's fault if this vulgar phrase has entered the national lexicon for all to hear, not theirs.

It's of course some great free publicity, too, for Thinx underwear, which has several other phrases on their ads as well that weren't rejected, such as "patriarchy-proof underwear" and "anxiety-proof underwear."

Company founder and CEO Miki Agrawal says, "I understand where [BART is] coming from, but the term is already out there in the world, and in this context, it’s meant to be pro-woman. We’re a feminist brand that agrees with consent, and we want to make sure people know that this is a political statement.”


Intrepid BART spokesperson Alicia Trost simply responded that the ad copy "contains words recognized by the community as vulgar, indecent or profane for display in a public setting that includes minors," and "While we understand the spirit behind ‘reclaiming’ vulgar words, our advertising standards make it clear that BART is not the suitable setting to begin such a campaign.”

It sounds like the new company is on a big marketing push, however, and it's an attention-getting ad — a bit moreso than "patriarchy-proof underwear." So, expect to see it on an advertising surface that doesn't belong to BART sometime soon.

via Thinx