America can't get enough of the Tanners (or the Gibblers) and Netflix is unleashing a whole new season of Fuller House just in time for the holiday season, on December 9. The first season of the reboot was, well, weird and vapid according to SFist's own Caleb Pershan, but obviously somebody loved it and Netflix renewed it for a second season back in March, just days after the first season was released and widely streamed.

The full season trailer just dropped, and as you can see the holidays will figure heavily, with both Xmas and New Year's Eve episodes. As ET Online tells us, we now get to see a romantic interest for Stephanie Tanner, who turns out to be a never-before-mentioned younger brother of Kimmy Gibbler, named Jimmy Gibbler. Also, DJ has to make a decision between her two love interests, and the trailer provides the spoiler that they both found girlfriends by the time she makes up her mind.

[Sidebar: Bustle explains that Kimmy did make some brief mention in the original series about an older brother named Garth, and we just have to suspend our disbelief that in the nine seasons of the show Kimmy's little brother Jimmy was never important enough to make an appearance, or whose existence was never known to the Tanners.]

Bob Saget returns in at least a couple episodes, in one of which sporting some strange outfit.

ALSO, New Kids On the Block will be making a big cameo in one episode, briefly glimpsed in the trailer (complete with Kimmy freakout), and there's more on that in an Entertainment Tonight segment here.

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