Snapping up a fresh new number with a 510 area code will soon be a thing of the past, as the California Public Utilities Commission just announced that all available numbers with the 510 prefix will have been claimed in just two short years. As such, officials are making moves to create an entirely new area code that will sit on top of the current 510.

That's right, one area will have two codes. It was just a few years ago that 415 numbers began to run out, and now it seems that our neighbors across the Bay are to suffer a similar fate. Observant 415-ers began to notice the new 628 area codesoverlaid on top of the 415 region — in the wild earlier this year.

"The telecommunications service providers have proposed to introduce the new area code through the overlay method," the CPUC tells us — referring to a method by which "multiple area codes can co-exist within the same geographic region." The CPUC notes that "Adding a new area code to the area now served by the 510 area code will provide additional prefixes and new telephone numbers for the 510 customers."

Importantly, under the proposed overlay method, those who already have a 510 prefix can keep it.

KRON4 reports that in order to prevent a shortage, the CPUC intends to introduce the new code no later than December of 2018. No word yet on what the code will be. Although, if you have a suggestion, you can attend a January 17, 1:00 p.m. public hearing at the Elihu Harris State Building in Oakland to make your voice heard. My colleague Caleb Pershan correctly points out that the code "420" is currently unassigned.

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