Around 100 residents of homes near Lake Meritt were evacuated Monday morning, a precautionary measure after an under-construction building in the area burst into flames,

Fire officials say that the blaze at a residential building being constructed on the 300 block of Lester Avenue near Hanover Street was reported at around 5:10 a.m. Monday.

The fire in the partially-built, 41-unit condo complex was swiftly escalated to three alarms, CBS 5 reports, with firefighters initially blocked from the wood-structured development "by scaffolding that ringed the building."

The fire "sent massive column of embers over the neighborhood," CBS 5 reports, and "could also be easily seen from the nearby highways."

ABC 7 reports that the area is "densely-populated," hence the evacuation of "more than 100 people living in homes nearby." By 6:30, officials say, the blaze was under control.

KRON 4 reports that the building had been under construction for "a little over a year." They report that "Nearby buildings are damaged, but none of them are destroyed." According to fire officials, no injuries have been reported thus far as a result of the blaze.

As of publication time, the cause of the fire is unknown. Officials say that they expect firefighters to remain on the scene all day, to manage "hot spots" expected to pop up following the fire, as well as to investigate its possible cause.

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