Have some extra cash sitting around but no weekend plans? Well then you're in luck, because as the Chronicle reports, you can now book yourself a stay in the famed Hillsborough "Flintstone House" for the not-so-bedrock price of $750 a night.

The three-bedroom house was constructed in 1976 and served to test out a new construction technique. Architect William Nicholson designed the building, and, as a first glance might suggest, giant inflatable balloons were used in the building process.

The property has been for sale for over a year, and it seems the owner got sick of waiting for a buyer and decided to make some cash off it right now. "Everything about this house is unique," the Airbnb listing explains to those who somehow managed to miss the accompanying photos. "If you mention you are staying in the Flintstone House, everyone will know what you are talking about. The sunken conversation pit with fireplace and 30 foot ceilings is a wonderful place to relax by yourself or with friends. The house does not have any corners and all the walls are curved."

But that's not all — we're also told that "The house inspires creativity." Unfortunately, that "creativity" cannot manifest in the form of a Flintstone-themed Halloween party, as the house rules specifically prohibit parties and events. Unless you're willing to shell out a little extra, that is: "Special events/parties may be allowed at a premium price as negotiated with owner," reads the listing.

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