Any Trekkie knows that in the fictional world of Star Trek San Francisco is home to Star Fleet Academy, but fewer may realize that in our own universe, a real-life Starship Enterprise docks in the City by the Bay, commanded by its own real-life James T. Kirk.

In fact, Kirk is a San Francisco native who tells the Chronicle he's lived in the Outer Sunset his entire life. Born in 1966 a month before Star Trek aired on television, his name is a coincidence, and his middle name is Theodore rather than Tiberius. Still, Kirk's affinity for the show grew out of his name, at least in part. In fact, Kirk describes once meeting William Shatner, the actor who portrayed the fictional Kirk.

In homage to Star Trek, the real-life Kirk built the interior of his Outer Sunset home — in just a week — out of "foam core and Christmas lights basically." That's true to the original, no doubt — lord knows that set was more cardboard than CGI.

Kirk is a handyman, hence his ability to fashion the Enterprise, but above all he seems like a swell dude, the captain of his own ship, if you will. "What I've always liked about 'Star Trek' is how it portrays a very positive outlook on our future," he says. "How in Star Trek we've come together has a people and we work together as a people and we've gotten past our differences." Ain't that sweet: Live long and prosper, Kirk!

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