A pair of mountain lions were recently caught on surveillance cameras belonging to Jack London Vineyards, inside Jack London State Park. The cameras at the vineyard have been known for capturing wildlife, but daytime sightings of mountain lions like this are rare since they are typically nocturnal animals.

They appear to have found something super exciting to sniff in the grass, and as cats and dogs do, they must immediately rub their heads and bodies on it.

Per SFGate:

The Jack London grapes are farmed by Kenwood Vineyards and bottled under Kenwood's Jack London range — offering a Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot and a tiny bit of Syrah. "We are passionate about the land from which we grow our wines and love to share videos, such as this one, that highlight the wild beauty of Sonoma County," Kenwood spokesperson Andrea Staby shared.

They're so cute, right? Just big playful cats!

But if you run into one in the wild, don't try to pet it. In fact, you need to appear large, act like a predator, and slowly create distance between you and it.