Erika Slovikoski, who is not-so-coincidentally a dog trainer, made a rescue this past weekend while walking her pup Orion at Fort Funston. There, she heard a distress call from what would turn out to be a 12-year-old Pekinese without a collar.

ABC 7 reports the tale of Mooshu, a dog whose name is only known thanks to a microchip. "I thought I was returning somebody's dog missing for hours," Slovikoski told the new channel. But instead, Mooshu had been gone for a decade, the better part of her life.

From Fort Funston, Slovikoski took the dog in to San Francisco Animal Care and Control where the discovery was made. "I was blown away," she said. "And I thought the only way they knew it was her was the microchip."

Mooshu's owners haven't forgotten about their pet, and director of San Francisco Animal Care and Control Virginia Donahue says that though they're traveling out of the country at the moment, they've heard the news and a friend of theirs is keeping the dog.

"So much time," said SlovikoskiI. "I hope they enjoy saying hi again." What has Mooshu been up to this whole time? A little Jack London-style wilderness vacation? Subsistence? Escaped from a dognapping? She may never tell.

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