Stanley Roberts is back on the sideshow beat using his usual semi-mocking tone at KRON 4 as he scolds the people who participate in them those who stand by and film them.

And although he wasn't actually there himself (which: too bad!), it's still fun to watch.

"When you basically drive a car that for all intent and purposes is driven out of control, something bad is going to happen," Roberts tells his viewers. "Then of course, is the obligatory running to see how much damage is done and the taking of photos of said damage to post on social media."

In fact, some video from the very same sideshow did indeed end up on social media — including one clip in a mashup of spectators getting hit by cars. Other videos show just how difficult it is to see what's going on when so much rubber is being burned.

Lmao it was lit yesterday😂😂 video by @ssmobn916.0 @worldstar @worldstar @worldstar

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Thankfully, we have Roberts to sarcastically cut through the sideshow haze. "Of course, the only way to keep it 100 is to hang out the window while that vehicle is careening out of control in circles."

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