A sort of sliver of Burning Man's Black Rock City in the heart of the far more hospitable Hayes Valley, Patricia's Green has hosted multiple iterations of art inspired by and related to the yearly desert festival. Last summer, for example, artist David Best was commissioned by Burning Man and the San Francisco Arts Commission to bring back his Hayes Valley Temple, an intricate shelter made of recycled wood which first appeared on Patricia's Green in 2005. The most recent temple stood until this summer, and since its departure, Patricia's Green has felt a bit empty. Good news, then: The park may receive a new dose of playa magic, as the Examiner writes that SF Rec and Parks is considering a proposal to install two of the popular Burning Man geometric sculptures created by local artists known as HYBYCOZO.


According to the proposal, the sculptures include "unique laser cut patterned panels and LED lights that can change colors.” One is 1,000 pounds, the other is 700 pounds. HYBYCOZO is "the result of geometric exploration and wonder," and it's the creation of former Google and Youtube employee Yelena Filipchuk and industrial designer Serge Beaulieu. "While it seemed that most people around them in the Bay Area were moving toward more digital pursuits, Yelena and Serge felt compelled to switch gears from their tech jobs to make real world objects," they write nobly and bravely to their website. According to a Vice article from last year, the name HYBYCOZO is a contraction of the cumbersome "Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone." The first of their installations debuted at Burning Man in 2014 and has also appeared at Treasure Island Music Festival.

If approved by Rec and Parks this week, the proposal would move forward to the Arts Commission for their final seal of approval on November 7. Oddly, the Ex reports that the switch to light up the sculptures could be flipped as soon as November 8. They would stand for a year. Next time we get Burning Man art in Hayes Valley, can we get that man that burns at the end of the festival? Have heard much about this.

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