Caltrans is one step closer to removing the last remnants of the old eastern span of the Bay Bridge today as another in a series of underwater implosions took place at 12:40 p.m. Saturday. ABC 7 brings us video of the event, which lasted about three second, and below is a second video that's very similar.

This was Pier E5, and it follows on a similar implosion of Pier E3 last November, which was much publicized and anticipated by the public — with one entrepreneurial type even selling tickets for a $90 boat cruise viewing party — despite the implosion itself being primarily underwater and not especially exciting.

Like that last implosion, a "bubble curtain" was employed around the detonation area in order to minimize environmental impacts and contain the debris, and Caltrans insists that no fish were killed in that event as a result.

Another implosion, of Pier E4 is scheduled for October 29. Caltrans says the time of year was chosen because the least amount of fish are in the area this month. We'll be waiting until 2017 for the implosions of Piers E6 to E11, and the last set of seven piers, E12 to E18, will be imploded in the fall of 2018.

If you've really got nothing to do today, you can watch this extremely long video of the explosives being set up yesterday, shot from Yerba Buena Island.

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