Anyone wondering what the future held for former Stanford swimmer turned convicted sexual assailant Brock Turner had that question answered Thursday, when the registered sex offender alerted officials that he's gotten a job with an Ohio landscaping company.

Turner, who gained notoriety for first sexually assaulting a woman behind a Stanford University dumpster, then for an increasingly infuriating defense including his dad's argument that he shouldn't be subjected to a lengthy sentence for "20 minutes of action." To the dismay of many, Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to a mere six months in Santa Clara County Jail for the crime, and was released in September after serving only three.

Turner, who hails from Ohio, returned there following his release, and registered as a sex offender in Greene County on September 6.

Things have been blessedly quiet on the Turner front since then, that is, until this week. That's when Turner let neighboring Montgomery County know that he'd taken a job as a landscaper, reports the Dayton Daily News. But even that simple move was fraught, as Turner first used an address that does not exist as his place of business, WFTS reports.

"According to the sex offender registry, Turner's work address is near a residential community in Centerville, Ohio, a suburb of nearby Dayton," WFTS reports. "There are no buildings are the address Turner listed."

After "several sheriffs departments" investigated, Turner called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to change the address, the Dayton Daily News reports. "Turner had listed 9675 Yankee St., Centerville, as his work address, even though county auditor records suggest no such address exists. The new address is on the 6700 block of Diamond Mill Road, Germantown."

According to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Sargent Julie Stephens, the false address Turner initially gave "was what he felt was best for Yankee Trace, the place where he was landscaping.”

Yankee Trace appears to be a Dayton-area golf course, and was "Voted Dayton's Best Golf Course," its website proclaims.

“We’ve gone ahead and changed his address to the company that he works for,” Stephens says. It's unclear what landscaping company hired Turner for the work at the golf course, or the nature of his employment.

But though the matter of his employer's address has been resolved, Turner's day-to-day location remains up in the air. As Stephens put it, “He’s a landscaper, and they get work all over."

Update: In an email statement sent on October 17, Centerville, Ohio City Manager Gregory B. Horn writes:

Mr. Brock Turner has never been, nor is he currently, an employee of The Golf Club at Yankee Trace or the City of Centerville, Ohio.

We are working to find out how these rumors were initiated.

The City of Centerville’s 27-hole municipal golf course, The Golf Club at Yankee Trace, is surrounded by 900 privately owned residential home sites. The City of Centerville has no responsibility or knowledge of the landscapers that may be hired by individual homeowners.

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