Have you ever wondered how the other half, or, in this case, the other .000001 percent live? What with their private-island hideouts, meetings with heads of state, and quirky hobbies, it's not far fetched to say that the super rich aren't really all that like the rest of us. Except, maybe, when it comes to grilling — because as a recent video posted to Facebook Live by Mark Zuckerberg demonstrates, even the nerd king loves a good old-fashioned meat smoking sesh.

Eater picked up the video, and helpfully highlights a few key takeaways for grilling like a billionaire. First, preparation is key. Make sure you kill the animal yourself — "[the meal tastes] doubly better when you hunt an animal for yourself," Zuckerberg notes. "You feel more connected to what you're doing and what you're eating and it’s this whole experience.” (Only proletariat shop at Safeway.)

Second, purchase some sweet cooking gear — like the Big Green Egg, for example, which allows you buy/sell/trade away to your heart's content while your technology does the work for you. “The green egg is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it,” Zuckerberg helpfully notes in the video. Don't work hard, work smart, the Facebook co-founder seems to be telling us.

Third, don't be afraid to put your guests to work as Zuckerberg does when two of his friends show up and he asks them to assist with the saucing of the meats. After all, why do something yourself when you can just get someone else to do it?

And lastly, invent the world's largest social media company. With those four easy steps, you too can grill like a billionaire.

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