A Lithuanian man has arrived in the Bay Area with a slightly creepy plan to get tech companies his resume.

Lukas Yla is "chasing (his) dream" here in San Francisco having left his role as a marketing executive at a startup back home in Lithuania. Obviously, landing a job in the Bay Area's white hot, competitive tech market can be a challenge.

"I knew that I might be written off just because I didn't graduate university here, or I don't have work experience in the United States," Yla explained to ABC7.

Yla's solution? Dress up as a Postmates delivery person, shove his resume inside a box of donuts, and make unannounced deliveries to local technology executives.

"Most of the time they're shocked," Yla told ABC7. "They're like, how did you get into the building?"

Postmates is totally fine with Yla using their logo to deliver donuts that no one ordered. In fact, they're meeting with Yla for coffee next week and maybe he'll just get a job there, showing up to meetings he's not invited to or pulling the fire alarm to energize the marketing team.

More than likely, Postmates is willing to hire Yla just to get him to stop wearing their logo while delivering his sticky resumes.