The streets of Oakland have long had a problem with illegal dumping, but the latest incident takes it to a whole new vile level. KRON 4 reports that last week someone dropped off roughly 60 pounds of dog poop in front of a local elementary school — where it sat for five days.

And while yes, the fecal matter in question is believed to be from dogs, we can be sure it was a human that did the dumping.

"The issue of illegal dumping in Oakland is becoming worse as gentrification marches forward," wrote the East Oakland Beautification Council. "This heinous act only illustrates how badly Illegal dumping is occurring in Oakland."

Ken Houston discovered the pile of crap, and, after putting cones around it, shot a video both expressing his frustration and calling the dumping, which took place right in front of Stonehurst Elementary School, "a crime against our children."

Houston then went further, writing that "If they don't pick this SHIT UP TODAY!! I'm going to personally pick it up and dump it at CITY HALL !!!!!!!!!!!!"

And while in the end Houston decided not to relocate the poo to city hall, he may regret that decision after today's discovery of what he claims to be a trailer full of human waste dumped on the streets. Here's the video, if you dare:

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