The retail bandits once known as the Rainbow Girls and later rechristened the Rainbow Crew have been busted after six years at large, District Attorney George Gascón reports to KRON 4.

Originally consisting of cis- and trans-female thieves with brightly colored braids, the group was later joined by cis-male members and referred to as the Rainbow Crew. Some Rainbow members appears to have been in the game since 2010. After three among the group were ID'd last summer on surveillance video, now 16 suspects have been charged in 23 cases and $200,000 in stolen merchandise has been recovered.

Authorities say that 300 cameras in the Union Square area helped nab the Rainbow Crew members. The group of suspects, though based in the Bay Area, were also allegedly involved in crimes from Phoenix to Honolulu. Known for grabbing high-end goods and not above violence to guards and clerks, the usually more bougie Crew has also deigned to rob City Target, and even H&M.

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