With the past being a foreign country and all that, looking at historical footage of one's own city can have a disorienting effect — what you see is your home, and yet so clearly it is a different place. That is the experience brought on by the latest (very cool) video from History Owl — just in time for San Francisco Appreciation Week. Lasting one hour, and spanning three decades, the compilation of historical footage and advertisements from the past show our city as it once was — behatted Market Street-walkers and all.

For those not wanting to watch the entire video, which consists of mainly public-domain footage, Curbed put together a neat little cheat sheet which allows you to jump around to the decade (or moment) of your choice. For example, at the 9:40 mark you can take a look at "Old school Chinatown," while at 37:43 you can catch a glimpse of a ship wrecked on Ocean Beach.

In addition to what you see above, History Owl today put out a roughly 30-minute video covering the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge (embedded below). For those interested in the history of Baghdad by the Bay, the combined hour and 30 minutes of footage sure is a great place to start.

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