First came the fog, and now, the rain.

It's been a roller-coaster of a week for Bay Area residents who go outside. Monday was hot as hell (93 in SF!) but the skies grew darker and temperatures lower on Tuesday, as the high pressure system behind the steamy temps wore away. And this weekend, predicts the National Weather Service, we'll get the first rains of the fall season — and the slick, dangerous driving conditions that come from the first precipitation following a dry spell.

National Weather Service meteorologist Anna Schneider tells the Chron that as of Thursday and Friday, the warmest temperatures San Franciscans can hope for are in the low 60s — pretty much the norm for this time of year.

“The average low temperature for September is in the low 60s and the average high is about 70s,” Schneider told the Chron. “We are slightly below normal now.”

By Friday, KRON 4 reports, area residents should expect an influx of "cold, dry air" as "West to northwest winds will gust anywhere from 20 to 36 mph starting Friday evening through Friday night before they die down late Friday."

Then on Sunday, it's time for the rain, the NWS predicts.

Beginning in the North Bay before spreading across the Bay Area, some folks could get as much as half an inch during this first fall shower, which is expected to clear up by Tuesday. But since it's been dry, NWS forecaster Bob Benjamin told KRON, oil that's built up on the roadways will make driving tough during this, the first rain of fall 2016.

“Roads are going to be extremely slippery,” Benjamin said. “Sometimes those roads can be as slick as ice.”

That's right, from fire to ice in less than a week. You gotta love fall in San Francisco!