For San Franciscans whose social media feeds have been a horrific mishmash of presidential debate discussion and complaints about the current heat wave, relief might be near. No, not from the election stuff — unless you unfriend basically everyone, that's going to continue through November. But meteorologists say that the current temperatures that have prompted many a transplant to gripe "I did not move here to be hot" are about to abate, forcing complainers to find something else to loudly suffer through.

As previously reported, a heat advisory was issued for Sunday and Monday — and that advice was warranted, as the National Weather Service says that San Francisco hit a high of 92 on Sunday, and 93 on Monday. I'm sure you noticed.

But all that's over soon, as not only is the NWS saying that the high pressure system behind the tropical temps is weakening as you read this, but every time I look out my Sunset District window this morning, I can see waves of fog rolling from Ocean Beach inward. The west side is already blanketed (as you can see from my photo above), and the rest of the city, the NWS says, will soon follow.

By the end of the week, according to the NWS, San Francisco temperatures should return to the mid-60s expected at this time of year. And San Franciscans, blessedly, can return to their similarly expected garb of jeans, hoodies, and shoes worn with actual socks.

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