Further preliminary hearing testimony on Monday from an investigator who first interviewed 19-year-old murder suspect Lila Scott Alligood upon her arrest in Portland last October revealed a bit more about the killing of 23-year-old Canadian backpacker Audrey Carey, who was found bound and fatally shot in Golden Gate Park during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival last October 3. San Francisco police Sgt. Domenico Discenza gave his account in court, as the Examiner reports, of October 7 and October 8 interviews with Alligood, who along with boyfriend Morrison Lampley, 24, and alleged accomplice Sean Angold, 24, fled to Portland after allegedly killing and robbing both Carey and 67-year-old Steven Carter of Marin on an apparent, meth-fueled spree.

So far, most of the testimony has come secondhand via contradictory statements given to authorities during Alligood's initial interviews. As we learned last week, Alligood initially tried to pin the shootings on Angold, and later said she had lied to protect her boyfriend, Lampley, and that he was actually the triggerman in both murders. The only physical evidence discussed so far is a beanie cap found at the scene of Carey's murder which contained Lampley's DNA and a bit of Alligood's, and Carey's blood that was found on muzzle of the gun which was found in Lampley's possession when the trio were arrested. They had fled to Portland in Carter's car, stolen near a hiking trail in Fairfax, where both he and his dog were shot, and were quickly tracked using the car's GPS system. The group also had in their possession Carey's backpack, passport, and plane ticket.

According to Discenza, a witnessed placed Alligood with Carey at Castro area bar Lucky 13 earlier on the night she was likely killed. As the Chronicle reports, a witness reportedly told investigators she saw Carey at the bar with "a couple of friends” including a "white female with sores and scabs on her face." As most of us saw, Alligood's mugshot taken last October included some unsightly sores around her mouth. The witness said she remembered seeing Alligood take a credit card up to the bar and try to order drinks, only to be told the bar was cash only, and she then stomped outside apparently upset. The witness's friend apparently also talked to Alligood and asked about the sores on her face, to which she replied by "twirling and dancing."

A folded up credit card belonging to Carey was later found at Lucky 13.

Alligood reportedly told Discenza that she would later straddle Carey chest to pin her down while Angold, behind her, held and tied her legs. Lampley allegedly held the gun to her temple as the trio attempted to rob her, and Alligood said they plan had been to take her wallet and leave her alive — this after Carey had reportedly thanked them all for being her friend. Then, according to Alligood, Carey was begging for life, saying "Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me," and then began saying, "Just kill me, just kill me.” Lampley then allegedly pulled the trigger. For whatever reason, the trio then apparently fled with Carey's backpack but left behind credit cards, her cell phone, and $84 in cash.

More testimony, which is likely to be the most detailed and damning, is expected to come today from Sean Angold, who in May pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and will serve 15 years in prison in exchange for his testimony. This post will be updated as details of his testimony arrive.

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