It's called "the lights and sirens club," and if you don't know what that is then clearly you're not a member. Two San Francisco Fire Department paramedics were under investigation after it was reported that they were using a city ambulance for sex, and now as KTVU reports one has been recommended for firing.

As the practice goes, one male paramedic drove the ambulance while the other apparently had sex with a woman in the back, according to CBS 5. The incident apparently occurred several months ago, and it came to light because the woman's boyfriend found out, got angry, and reported it to the city, per KTVU.

NBC Bay Area says the two paramedics worked out of Station 49, which is at 1415 Evans Avenue in the Bayview, but the man being fired has not been publicly named. The station keeps this questionable Facebook page, and appears to be mostly made up of paramedics.

The terminated individual is apparently going to be appealing the decision, according to KTVU's source, who said that the job "means the world to him."