If your vision were so bad that you had to cross your fingers in hopes of not hitting pedestrians, would you still drive? No, right? And yet that's the exact situation discovered by the Bay Area's chief scold Stanley Roberts. The KRON4 chronicler of all that is petty and goofy found something actually potentially dangerous in his latest segment, wherein he happens upon a driver in Santa Clara County who claims he is losing his peripheral vision.

The man was pulled over for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk, only to explain to Roberts that he is "losing his peripheral vision," but that it was all good because, as he put it, "fortunately I keep my fingers crossed."

Officers told the man he would need to take another driving test at the DMV within five days, and insisted that someone come pick him up — apparently they didn't feel it was safe for him to drive away on his own.

Roberts, meanwhile, chuckles about the entire thing off camera — perhaps seeing clearly what this elderly gentleman's admission of partial blindness will do for his segment's ratings.

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