Amos Goldbaum, the popular local line-drawer and muralist whose designs grace walls and T-shirts all the town over, can usually be seen out and about in his converted city vehicle.

"It's a funny little three-wheeled ex-metermaid car," he explains to SFist. "I use it to get around and sell my shirts and art out of... It's blue, white, and yellow and has my name and a drawing on the side."

It's also been stolen by a total you-know-what, Goldbaum announced to his followers on social media. What's more, the vehicle has been seen on city roads: "A few people said they saw it being driven around Bernal and the Dogpatch yesterday so I'm hoping it will show up."

A photo posted by Amos Goldbaum (@amosgoldbaum) on

Goldbaum says the interceptor was stolen near his Bernal Heights home. Any leads are appreciated, he writes — It ought to be relatively easy to spot this thing: It does have his name on it, after all.

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