Attorneys for Jasmine Abuslin a.k.a. Celeste Guap filed the first of what may be several lawsuits Friday in Oakland, a $66 million civil damages claim. As KQED reports, this is likely a precursor to a civil rights lawsuit by attorneys Pamela Price and Charles Bonner, and the pair plan more lawsuits to be filed next week in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Joaquin counties, and the cities of Livermore, Richmond, and San Francisco.

At a press conference, Price said that the case reaches beyond Abuslin, and she claims she's been contacted by other young women in Richmond who were "part of the same group" who were being sex trafficked by officers.

Also Friday, as CBS 5 reports, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley filed the first criminal charges against two of seven officers expected to be charged, Dan Black, a former Livermore Police officer, and retired Oakland officer Leroy Johnson.

Black is charged with two counts of engaging in prostitution, two counts of performing lewd acts, and one count of giving alcohol to a person under 21 in connection with two dates he went on with Abuslin — one of which, according to him, consisted of dinner in Berkeley and sex in his RV in the restaurant parking lot. He denies ever paying for sex, but he allegedly had two encounters with Abuslin this past April, both of which resulted in sex in his RV, according to court documents cited by KRON 4 and others.

Johnson, who is a family friend of Abuslin and her mother, an Oakland police dispatcher, has been charged with failure to report child abuse. Abuslin allegedly contacted Johnson via Facebook in September 2015 to inform him that she had had sex with four officers while she was underage.

Abuslin, who is now 19, returned to the Bay Area Wednesday with her lawyers after going to Florida for a drug rehabilitation program that was prescribed to her and paid for by the Richmond Police Department.

It remains to be seen if other jurisdictions besides Alameda County will pursue criminal charges against any officers. Abuslin has previously claimed she had sexual encounters with 30 officers in multiple departments including San Francisco's.

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