Quickly following last week's announcement of new enhancements to the iPhone 7 Plus — in particular the camera — pre-sales were so strong that all of the plus-sized phones have sold out ahead of their official release date tomorrow. Recode reports that as all of the the larger of the new phones — as well as the entire stock of jet black iPhone 7s — have already been snapped up, those die-hard fans waiting in line outside of Apple stores around the world are plumb out of luck.

While this, of course, is likely upsetting to the people who camped out in front of the giant glass boxes, Apple itself seems delighted its new phone has been so well received. “We couldn't be happier with the initial response to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and we are looking forward to beginning sales through our retail stores and partners around the world,” Apple said in a statement. As for those who had posted up in line, such as the people who spoke with 9to5Mac, Apple says just be patient.

"We sincerely appreciate our customers’ patience as we work hard to get the new iPhone into the hands of everyone who wants one as quickly as possible," the company statement concludes.

Apple so far has refused to announce any pre-sale numbers, however according to 9To5Mac pre-orders through T-Mobile set a record — suggesting that all that gnashing of teeth about the disappearing headphone jack was a whole lot of snarky bark without any boycotting bite. Plus, the reviews were all pretty good.

Pre-orders for the phones began last Friday, September 9, and in-store sales begin tomorrow, September 16. Stores will reportedly have limited quantities of most colors of the regular iPhone 7, just not jet-black.

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