We probably shouldn't credit National Rifle Association members living in Maine as being overly familiar with our nation's metropolises. And, case in point, the NY Daily News spotted the ad above paid for by the NRA to combat Question 3, a ballot initiative that expands background checks for gun transfers and gun sales.

In a Down East accent that might be put on by an actor, the narrator refers to "New Yorkahs" who are "tryin to tell Mainers how to live," and creates a scenario in which a Mainer lends his neighbor a shotgun and potentially goes to jail for doing so without getting permission from a gun dealer. And this is all playing off rural Maine's longstanding prejudices against big-city vacationers and second-home owners, who generations later still get called PFA's — People From Away.

The ad points to New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg who's apparently donated $3 million to the Yes on 3 campaign.

The only problem is, the graphic designer/video editor they hired to produce the ad apparently pulled up some clip art of the San Francisco skyline that he or she thought was the New York skyline, and just decided to throw the Statue of Liberty in there to make sure people knew what it was.

As they say in Maine, pretty smaht.