San Francisco politics are at best unusual, and at worst totally bonkers in a way virtually no other US city could understand. We are reminded of this again today following a Chronicle editorial board meeting with District 11 supervisor candidates, in which everyone was thoroughly amused by candidate Berta Hernandez. The would-be replacement for Supervisor John Avalos laid out some the proposals she has put forth during her bid to become "the first socialist supervisor of San Francisco." Let's take a look, shall we?

First off, Hernandez wants to completely abolish the SFPD — calling them "a bunch of killers," she would instead opt for "unarmed community counselors" keeping order. "Many of the crimes that take place in the city are crimes that attempt to address the economic disparity brought about by the massive siphoning of social wealth into the upper classes of society," she writes on her website. "They should be addressed as economic and social issues, with resources and services paid for by progressive taxation, and not as law enforcement issues."

Up next is housing. Hernandez wants to halt all evictions, limit rent to 20 percent of a tenant's income, and legalize homeless encampments (an issue the city has decided to go the other way on). "Shame on a city that allows the most vulnerable of its residents to be thrown into the streets," she writes.

She also believes that minimum wage should be $40 and hour, and that public transit should be free (an idea we can get behind, and has been proposed before).

With all that in mind it will probably come as no surprise that the Chronicle considers Hernandez a long-shot candidate. Hernandez doesn't, however, and she views her own ideas as necessary. "Somebody has to say it," she told the paper of her policies. "That’s why I’m running. I’m tired of nicey-nicey-nicey talk.”

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