Surfing is already pretty cool, but when you add dogs to the mix, things get, well, super freaking adorable. So, behold Saturday's World Dog Surfing Championship held in Pacifica. As NBC Bay Area reports, the contest brought out all the big dogs in the sport — including world-record holder Abbie (pictured above) and the renowned challenger Brandy.

As KQED News helpfully informs us, before Saturday there had never before been a dog-surfing competition in Northern California. That changed when over 400 dogs showed up at the beach to cheer on the competitors as they carved and cruised.

Top honors went to Abbie, Brandy, and Skyler. While Abbie and Brandy battled for first place on the water, KQED notes that back on the beach the two are the best of friends — which, let that be a lesson in sportsmanship to all your haters out there.

This was a bit of redemption for Abbie, who reportedly lost a surfing competition a few weeks ago to a cat/pig team. Abbie's owner, Michael Uy, adopted her from the Silicon Valley Humane Society 10 years ago, and some of the money raised at Saturday's competition will go back to the very same shelter.

“People ask me, how do you teach a dog to surf?” Uy told the East Bay Times. “You don’t. They first just got to like it, and they kind of discover surfing on their own. Abbie started surfing even before I did.”

Good dog.

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