We showed you previews and renderings of nine of the bigger pieces of art out on the playa this year, but now, thanks to fully functioning cell signal and wi-fi out in the desert that didn't used to exist, we are getting plenty of images of how these pieces, and many more, actually look once constructed. No more waiting for everybody to get back to civilization, get over their post-MDMA depression, and begin uploading their pics!

It's almost like you never even have to get dusty or sleep in a tent in order to see the best of Burning Man! But sure, there are also many parties, and good drugs, and it's all about the experience, and blah blah.

Here you go.

The Space Whale by Pier Group

Art for the senses. #designinspiration #design #materials #art #burningman

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Made it home to Burning Man at last!

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The 747 by Big Imagination


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Heart of Gold by HYBYCOZO

@hybycozo at sunrise πŸ‘Œ #burningman2016 #burningman #art #artscape #landscape

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Awakening by Ryan Elmendorf and Nick Geurts

#burningman #burningman2016 #burningmanart #brc

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Catacomb of Veils by Dan Sullivan

#sunset #burningman #burningman2016 #blackrockcity

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The desert is kinda cool 🌡#burningman2016 #blackrockcity

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Firmament by Christopher Schardt

#burningman #blackrockcity #burningman2016

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Black Rock Lighthouse Service by Jonny and Max Poynton

no words to describe this #burningman

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Feel the Burn #burningman

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#blackrocklighthouseservice #burningman

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The Man

The #BurningMan effigy stands above the playa at sunset.

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The Man at sunrise #burningman2016

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The Temple

They call it.... "THE TEMPLE" #UltimateArtFestival #DuttyYeh #2natography

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First sunrise on #playa πŸ™πŸ»

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Sunset at the Temple #burningman #burningman2016 #blackrockcity #temple

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And more...

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Can ya dig it?

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#burningman #playa

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The one word that describes this place #burningman2016

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Okay. You win burning man. You're awesome. While certainly some aspects are very much like any other commercial rave, some aspects are really inspiring. 70,000 people on every manner of intoxication and not a single piece of trash anywhere to be found. I actually saw a bottle as I was biking by, went back to pick it up and within 15 seconds someone had already picked it up and packed it. It's called m.o.o.p. out here: matter out of place. It doesn't matter whose it is, if you see it you grab it. It's a powerful lesson on how things could be if everyone just does their part. It's definitely more of a party than a spiritual experience, but the overall awareness and consciousness is palpable. I'll do a podcast and write a blog or something when I'm back. Much love everyone! #burningman2016

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Let the dust #settle πŸ“·:@andymontoya #burningman

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Jules Verne's Marching Kettles

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#sonicrunway #burningman

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#burningman #playa #safari #art #exploration #love @nancygood

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