Professional scold Stanley Roberts was back at it again this week, this time around directing his camera and reprobation toward those abusing the system of disabled-parking placards that actual disabled individuals depend on to get around the city. In addition to just being a really scummy thing to do, illegally parking in a disabled spot or illegally displaying a placard that isn't yours can land you some seriously steep fines — a fact which no doubt delights Roberts.

The camera follows around a SFMTA employee as she calmly informs drivers that the fine for abusing placards can be as high as $4,200. This, of course, doesn't sit well with those on the receiving end.

The disabled placard abuse epidemic is something SFist covered a couple years back, and as of 2012 there were some 61,000 people driving with the placards in SF alone — twice as many as there were in 2001.

The California DMV clearly details who may and may not apply for disabled placards, and notes that it is illegal to lend it to someone else. "You are the only person who can use the parking placard or plates for parking or service station privileges."

This is the point where we might normally express a little sympathy for those on the receiving end of Roberts's public shaming, but, in this case, those caught are literally making the lives of disabled people more difficult. So, you know, tough luck.

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