Using a larger font size for extra angry emphasis on certain phrases, one Lower Haight neighbor residing on the one-block, Duboce Park-adjacent street called Potomac posted the flier shown below seeking some solidarity to stop the frequent presence of film crews in the neighborhood. It unclear what films or TV shows have been repeatedly returning to the area, but apparently Potomac is a particularly desirable SF shooting location, and one neighbor spotting this flier tagged Hoodline in the tweet below, alerting them to the situation.

The flier-maker lives in a street-level apartment, he or she says, and finds the incessant filming "unarguably assaulting and disrespectful." This person refers to "angry Italian producers" who scolded people for walking out of their own front doors during a shot, and says that SFPD officers hired to keep residents at bay and out of sight "laughed at the absurdity" of the situation.

This person is trying to launch a campaign to get more neighbors to reach out to SF Film to say "NO MORE ON POTOMAC." This just goes to prove that living on one of SF's cutest and quaintest blocks next to a park can have its downsides.