Market Street was blocked off with firetrucks and ambulances today following an afternoon crash that left three adults seriously injured. According to the Chronicle, the crash occurred around 3:29 p.m. as the driver hit a newsstand and a streetlight before crashing into two pedestrians.

The San Francisco Fire Department tweeted out that the collision took place at the intersection of Sansome and Sutter, and the paper confirms that a Yellow Cab driver, without passengers, lost control of the vehicle sending it flying over a curb and into a shoe-shine stand and a newsstand kiosk.

“I had just come out of the building over here, and was gonna cross the street and heard what sounded like an explosion,” witness Tom Booher told KRON4. “I looked up and there were pieces of stuff flying everywhere right where the shoeshine guy’s stand used to be and the restroom that was over there. I mean, there was no skidding, it didn’t sound like there was any brakes, it was just — it did sound like an explosion.”

The three injured include the driver of the taxi, and two workers at the shoe-shine stand. A 40-year-old man is in critical condition, and a 59-year-old and 66-year-old are listed in fair condition. It is not clear at this time which of the three was the driver.

According to SFFD, the injured were transported to SF General, and the scene was being investigated.

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