I *knew* this would end happily. The neglected poodle mix nicknamed Mozzarella by Marin Humane Society staffers, discovered last week next to a dumpster at a Mill Valley shopping center, already has a new home with a Saratoga couple who say they read about him on SFist.

Humane Society rep Lisa Bloch tells us, "We wanted to let you know that he was just adopted today by a lovely couple from Saratoga. They already have another dog — Zelda — who was also abandoned before they adopted her. They have renamed Mozzarella 'Ziggy.' It goes well with Zelda and is of course, a nod to David Bowie."

As you can see, Zelda is also a poodle, and this is an awful cute family Mozzarella/Ziggy has found.

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