Love getting stoned, but hate being around common folk while high? Wish you could just blaze and read The Nob Hill Gazette in peace, but annoying parkgoers always asking to borrow your lighter? Well then, you're in luck. Say hello to Harvest, which the Chronicle reports is San Francisco's first "exclusive" pot club.

Founder Marty Higgins tells the paper that he was sick of the standard dispensary vibe, and sought to create a space that was more suited to his upscale sensibilities. And so, in a move that will seem familiar to members of The City Club or The Battery, Higgins decided that only paying members would be allowed access to the coveted smoking rooms.

"It’s the difference between public access, where anyone can walk in and consume cannabis in a public cafe-style setting, and one where medical patients have a discreet environment to consume cannabis,” Higgins told the paper. “Active patients may not want the world to know. There’s an element of security here. We also offer private lockers where members can store materials and consumption devices.”

That's right, your membership comes complete with a bong locker.

The Chronicle lets potential members know exactly what they can expect upon joining Harvest — think "charcoal-gray walls" "accented by polished concrete floors, brown leather couches, armchairs and Oriental rugs [...]." All this can be yours for "the cost of an Equinox gym membership," assuming you pass the vetting process.

(For those, like me, who have no idea how much an Equinox membership costs — it's $200 a month plus signup fees.)

“You have country clubs, right?" Harvest visitor Eddie Ortiz told the paper. “Exclusivity and privacy? I’d pay for that.”

With the legalization of recreational marijuana likely right around the corner, Harvest is probably the first of what will be many private pot clubs to grace the city — guaranteeing wealthy San Franciscans the right to toke in gilded peace.

Puff, puff, (never a need to) pass.

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