A man who took on a group of Muni shelter partiers Tuesday paid a difficult price for his activism, after one of the celebrants interrupted his diatribe by striking the scolder with a cane.

The time was 1:50 p.m., the place was a Muni shelter at 7th and Market Streets. According to the San Francisco Police Department, a 65-year-old man walked up to the Muni shelter, and "told a group of people at the bus stop to stop drinking, smoking and dealing drugs there."

Disappointingly, the man's entreaty didn't convince the bus stop caucus to turn over a new leaf. Instead, according to an SFPD report on the incident, a 64-year-old member of the party "got into a fight with" the lecturer, and struck him "over the head with his cane."

Shortly after the assault, police arrived on the scene and arrested the cane-wielding man, the SFPD says. The victim, who received non-life-threatening injuries in the attack, was transported to the hospital for treatment.