The SFMTA is set to decide on Tuesday whether or not to formalize the currently illegal practice of churchgoers every Sunday turning the Mission's Dolores Street into a parking lot. The Examiner reports that despite wide community opposition to the practice, officials are on the verge of approving a 12-month pilot program that would make the practice legit.

“I suspect we’d lean toward a pilot,” chairman of the SFMTA Board of Directors Tom Nolan told the paper. If approved Tuesday, the program would essentially be an official seal of approval for the current state of affairs.

This news is sure to frustrate neighborhood residents, who in a fall 2015 survey overwhelming voiced their disapproval of the church double parking: 75 percent of survey respondents opposed the current state of affairs, and 74 percent of area residents supported completely banning median parking on Sundays.

If approved by SFMTA, churchgoers will not be the only group to benefit. People driving to Dolores Park on Sundays to get drunk and stoned will be able to take advantage of the free parking as well — something that we're sure is going to make neighborhood residents even happier.

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