Part of driving is knowing how to respond to the irresponsibility of other motorists — a lesson learned by a Google self-driving car last month after it was the victim of a hit-and-run crash. CBS 5 reports that the car had come to a stop at a stop sign when a car collided into its rear and then took off.

This crash occurred in Los Altos on July 15, and the incident report provides details as to how it all went down. "The Google AV was stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of Cuesta Dr. and Springer Rd. when a vehicle approaching from behind in the same lane collided with the AV," reads the report. "The other vehicle was traveling at approximately 7 mph when it struck the Google AV. The Google AV sustained minor damage to its rear hatch and rear sensor."

The other car involved was reported to be a Mitsubishi, and the driver of that vehicle fled the scene.

This news come just as we learn via Recode that three key members of Google's self-driving car team are departing the company, and, of course, does not represent the first crash involving a Google self-driving car. Typically, as in July's incident, the collisions have not been determined to be the fault of the robot. Instead, human operators have been blamed for the series of minor crashes. One notable exception was this past Valentine's Day when a self-driving car side-swiped a bus.

Fortunately for all involved, no injuries were reported in the most recent collision.

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