Alexander Massialas, a native son of the Bay Area and also a son of a three-time Olympian, made it all the way to the Olympic finals in the men's individual foil fencing competition. And though he came in second, it was a palpable win for a team that hasn't brought home a medal from the games since 1984.

“It is a tremendous day for U.S. fencing," proud father Greg Massialas tells the Chronicle, "This is huge.” Greg, of course, deserves some credit, having had quite the hand in his son's success, as well as in the successes of other young San Francisco athletes. NBC Olympics points out that Greg is his son Alexanders' coach, for starters, and the Chronicle adds that the Massialas' have a fencing academy in the Outer Sunset.

Now with an Olympic medal in hand, Massialas will return to Stanford, where he put off his senior year to train and compete with the US team. This is his second Olympics, and his sister, Sabrina Massialas, is also on the national team — when she isn't dueling at Notre Dame — though she doesn't next compete in an Olympic match until 2020. Massialas and his teammates do have a shot for gold left when they compete as a group later this week. Also on the US squad: San Franciscan Gerek Meinhardt.

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