A man holed up in an apartment at the corner of Miramar and Ocean Avenues has been in a standoff with police for unclear reasons since midday Wednesday, according to neighbors. A tipster sent SFist the above photo from Thursday morning, showing Miramar Avenue taped off by police and several members of the local media with cameras.

The circumstances surrounding the standoff remained unclear as of Wednesday night, according to the Chronicle, and the SFPD was being vague about it. Department spokesperson Ofc. Grace Gatpandan simply said that officers had responded to the situation at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. A SWAT team was called in and was trying to communicate with the man.

It remains uncertain if the man engaged in the standoff has a weapon, or what kind of weapon it is, or if he has made threats against himself or others.

I'll update you as we learn more.