A mother bear and her two cubs wandered out of the woods to go for a dip in South Lake Tahoe, nary a care in the world on Monday. The bears were not far from kayakers and sunbathers who did not run screaming, prompting a slew of comments like the one below on the Facebook page of KCRA Sacramento where the video appeared.

"Wow... This person filming with her kids is an idiot... Mother bear with her cubs are usually extremely dangerous! Unbelievable how clueless people are. So glad this family wasn't mauled."

Interestingly, it could be the very same blasé mother and cubs who were caught on video in May wandering through a South Lake Tahoe neighborhood. Experts say that bears rarely pose problems for people unless human food is very accessible — and that black bears like these are less aggressive than grizzlies. (There was this crazy recent video of a mother bear and her cubs who got inside a house in Mammoth Lakes, CA to rummage through the kitchen and went charging up the stairs after its residents.)

Though it was probably wise of people to keep their distance.

According to the full video below, this happened at Pope Beach in South Lake, and the video was uploaded Monday by user Norma Alvarez.

This version of the video from NBC News has an extended clip showing the bears retreating back up the beach to the woods.

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