As part of their video series "The Regulars," the Chron's videographer Erin Brethauer made this fantastic portrait of 67-year-old Sunset district street cleaner Suu Ngo, who immigrated here from Vietnam in 1985 as a single mother, and who has ended up supporting her two grandchildren here in SF over the last decade. As she explains, their mother, Ngo's daughter, was killed by her husband in Texas in 2003 at the age of 33, and she has raised her grandchildren ever since.

Per the Chronicle, after 27 years of restaurant work, Ngo "marched" into City Hall five years ago to apply for a job with the Department of Public Works, and she plans to work for as long as she's strong enough, cleaning up the streets of her neighborhood where "Everybody know me, everybody love me."

When asked when she might retire, Ngo says in the video, "My grandchildren say, 'Grandma, you need to stop work. We'll take care of you,' and I say, 'No. I'm still strong. I want to work. I don't want to stay home. Boring. Nothing to do. Watch TV all the time, you'd be crazy."