Last fall locals had an inkling that the former home of Korean restaurant Young's BBQ on 17th Street would play host to someone from nearby Garcon. That's indeed the case, with Garcon's former executive chef Arthur Wall onboard to open Bayou.

The signs are up, though construction appears to be ongoing, so no opening date is clear. However, the restaurant's website is live, with a menu promising everything from gumbo to frogs legs. Also on offer: Rotisserie chicken, po boys, muffalattas, and of course beignets. There, we also learn that Wall is a New Olreans native, having also cooked there at Herbsaint and the Windsor Court Hotel's New Orleans Grill. Stay tuned for more news on this one.


Oh, and this is slightly awkward, but the nearby Mission Street space that was home to Hapa Ramen and then Citizen Fox is set to become a different, as-yet-unnnamed cajun restaurant from the team behind Causwells and Popsons. Crawfish boils and more are expected there in the fall.

Bayou - 3412 17th Street between Mission and Valencia Streets

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Caleb Pershan/SFist