Yet another detail emerges in the ever deepening Oakland Police Department sex scandal: Celeste Guap, the young sex worker at the center of it, revealed via her cell phone records that she first had sex with SFPD officer Rodger Ponce De Leon when she was still underage. And, as the Examiner reports, she says he was among the first police officers she had sex with. "I hooked up with Ponce first, and he threw me over to [other] Oakland [cops],” she tells the paper.

We earlier learned that Ponce De Leon was put on desk duty following the revelation of his connection to the scandal, which has led to the suspension of multiple officers in the OPD, the resignation of OPD chief Sean Whent, as well as the suicide of one officer, Brendan O'Brien, in September 2015.

Guap's cell phone records show that she first had sexual contact with Ponce De Leon before August 2015, which is when she turned 18. "Ponce would visit me in hotels when I was working," Guap says to the Ex.

Ponce De Leon was a lateral hire by the SFPD and had been working in the OPD until August 2014. And she's suggesting that she met Ponce De Leon in Oakland, and that they had sex and did cocaine in his personal vehicle.

This kind of messes up the timeline, however, of when Guap first began her trysts with OPD officers — she has suggested her first contact with an Oakland officer came when she met O'Brien in February 2015, when she was 17 and running from a pimp in East Oakland and he "saved" her. Contradicting that, however, is the fact that she also admitted in an ABC 7 interview to first having sex with a cop when she was 16, which would have been in 2014. Whoever that officer was, Guap has not named him but she said he was a friend of her mother's, who is a dispatcher with the department.

The SFPD has declined to comment on the investigation into Ponce De Leon, saying that it is an ongoing investigation.

It should be noted that while Guap has claimed to have had consensual sex with several SFPD officers in addition to dozens more in the East Bay, KQED found that she had social media contact with dozens of current and former SFPD officers. And, previously, she had said that her contact with Ponce De Leon was after she was already of legal age, so who knows what to believe.

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