Johnny Depp is in town while touring with his new band The Hollywood Vampires — the supergroup that Alice Cooper formed last year along with Joe Perry named for a drinking club Cooper started in the 70's that had John Lennon and Keith Moon as members. The band is playing shows tonight, July 22 in Rohnert Park, July 24 in Saratoga, and July 25 in Paso Robles, but on Thursday Depp and photographer Kyler Clark took a tour of Alcatraz where Depp posed in the lighthouse with the SF skyline in the background.

As the Examiner reports, Depp also visited the cell that once housed Whitey Bulger, whom he portrays in 2015's Black Mass.

Meanwhile, soon-to-be ex-wife Amber Heard, with whom Depp just formally filed divorce papers last week, was spotted in Miami with none other than Tesla billionaire Elon Musk.

According to sources who spoke to Page Six, Musk and Heard had separate rooms but were seen going in and out of the same room at all hours — including a mention of Musk doing a "walk of shame" one morning out of Heard's room at the Delano South Beach.

Musk's reps deny all this, and say he was in Cape Canaveral, three hours away, for a SpaceX rocket launch all last weekend. Sources close to Heard tell the gossip rag that she and Musk have been friends for four years, and that he was simply letting her and her sister use his poolside bungalow at the hotel.

Believe what you will.

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