One of three SFPD officer who allegedly had sex with East Bay sex worker Celeste Guap has been placed on modified duty and transferred out of his station, as the Examiner reports. It's been previously reported that at least two SF officers connected to Guap were lateral transfers from the Oakland Police Department, and one of those appears to be this officer, Rodger Ponce De Leon, who's been transferred out of Northern Station to the SFPD's Operations Center — where officers are typically sent when they're taken off active duty with the public.

The Ex may have been able to confirm Ponce De Leon's involvement via Guap's Facebook page, which last week we learned was still public and showed evidence of connections to at least two dozen current and former SF officers who liked and commented on Guap's photos. In Spanish on one public post, Guap said she had sex with Ponce De Leon multiple times, and she confirmed separately with the paper that this was between November of last year and this past February — i.e. after she became of legal age.

At least four Oakland officers are believed to have had sex with Guap (which is not her real name) while she was still 17, and she claims to have had sex with numerous others whom she has not named.

Ponce De Leon was apparently transferred out of Northern Station on June 16, and his gun taken from him.

Guap continues to cooperate with the media as dozens of law enforcement personnel become embroiled in the scandal — with at least several in the OPD implicated for sharing confidential information with Guap about police investigations. The unfolding scandal apparently cost the life of one Oakland officer, Brendan O'Brien, who took his own life last September, and cost former chief Sean Whent his job.

The SFPD has tried to minimize its connections to Guap, though the Facebook evidence suggests it could be broader than we know. The remaining two SFPD officers whom Guap admits she had sex with have yet to be identified.

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